World's Largest Swimming Lesson

June 22, 2017 at 6pm

Join hundreds of kids and families at 76 Chicago Park District swimming pools around Chicago and thousands around the globe for The World’s Largest Swim Lesson on June 22, 2017 at 6pm. We are looking to break the Guinness World Record again this year to spread the word that swimming lessons do save lives.  This event is open to all ages and for all swim levels (Non-Swimmers, Beginners and Swimmers).  Children under 6 need to be accompanied by an adult in the water.

Advance registration is preferred.

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Even more important than setting a record, the Chicago Park District hosts this event to remind the public that swimming lessons save lives! In addition to the many health benefits, swimming is a critical life skill that all children should master. Drowning remains the leading cause of unintended, injury related death for children ages 1-5, and the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 14. Research shows participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children age 1 to 4, yet many kids do not receive formal swimming or water safety training. 

Swimming lessons are still available this summer 
If this is your child's first time taking a swim lesson, the 10-week session is free when you enter the coupon code FIRSTFREE while registering (for ages 6-17 only). Subsequent lessons are only $30 for a 10-week session. Financial assistance is available for those that qualify at locations without a waiting list.

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