Gymnastics Centers Registration Dates

2017 program registration & session dates for all gymnastics centers, except Morgan Park Sports Center:


    Winter Spring -  
Session I
Spring -
Session 2
Summer Fall -
Session 1
Fall - 
Session 2
Online Schedule View   past past past past 7/25 10/3
Online Registration Begins   past

past past past 8/8 10/17
In-Person Registration Begins*   past past past


8/12 10/21
Activities Start  



past past the week of 6/26 the week of 8/28 the week of 10/30
Activities End  


past past the week of 8/7 the week of 10/16 the week of 12/11

*Since gymnastics centers do 100% online registration, in-person registration is only available if all of the program slots don't fill online before the first day of in-person registration.  Check the program online to see if spots are still available.

Gymnastics Centers include:  Avondale, Broadway Armory, Calumet, Garfield, Harrison, Jesse White, McKinley, Peterson & Shabbona.  The gymnastics center at Morgan Park Sports Center follows the Morgan Park registration dates.