Permits & Rentals

The Chicago Park District offers numerous indoor & outdoor spaces to host your next event.  Whether it’s a grand gala under the stars, a race with a purpose for 30,000 people, a simple garden soiree, or the perfect birthday party for your four year-old, you can find the ideal space within the Chicago Park District’s 7,300 acres of parkland.

Additionally, permits are required for many activities that take place on Chicago Park District property.

Planning now for a 2018 event in a Chicago park?
Applications will be taken beginning Friday, November 3, 2017 at 9 a.m.

** View a list of 2018 permit receipts received the morning of Nov. 3, 2017 **

For a 2017 event - Start the special event permit application now.



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63rd Street Beach House

Ceremony, Reception, Photography




Athletic Event & Rentals
Lincoln Park

Athletic Events & Rentals
Field/gym rental, walk/run, fitness/training
class, tournament



Jackson Park

Outdoor Picnics
Reunion, Birthday Parties, Barbecue




Video, Still Photography, Journalism, Media



Other Gatherings/Events

Other Gatherings/Events
Concert, Festival, Baptism, Dedication,
Memorial, Room Rental



Other Permit Types

Other Permit Types
Dog Friendly Area Tags, Parking Lot Rental,
Installation & Construction Access, Promotions, 
Concessions, Research